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Codonopsis Wall. = Cyclocodon (for Philippine species)

Cyclocodon Griff.

Edited by Pieter B. Pelser, 26 October 2016

  1. Cyclocodon axillaris (Oliv.) Wilde & Duyfjes, Thai Forest Bull., Bot. 40 (2012) 22; --Campanumoea axillaris Oliv., Hooker's Icon. Pl. 18 (1888) t. 1775. S China to Japan and Sumatra, Philippines.
  2. Cyclocodon celebicus (Blume) D.Y.Hong, Acta Phytotax. Sin. 36 (1998) 109; --Campanumoea celebica Blume, Bijdr. Fl. Ned. Ind. (1826) 727. Tibet to Malesia and New Guinea, Philippines.
  3. Cyclocodon lancifolius (Roxb.) Kurz, Flora 55 (1872) 303; --Codonopsis lancifolia (Roxb.) Moeliono, Fl. Males. ser. 1, 6 (1960) 120; --Campanumoea lancifolia (Roxb.) Merr., EPFP 3 (1923) 587. Photos

 Isotoma Lindl. = Hipppobroma

Hippobroma G.Don [Not native]

Edited by Pieter B. Pelser, 26 October 2016

  1. Hippobroma longiflora (L.) G.Don, Gen. Hist. 3 (1834) 717; --Laurentia longiflora (L.) Petermann, in Engl., Pflanzenreich (1845) 444, t. 118, Fig. 665; --Moeliono, Fl. Males. ser. 1, 6 (1960) 140, Fig. 23. Native of West Indies. Introduced in the Old World tropics, continental USA (Pennsylvannia), Hawaii, the Marianas. Almost throughout Malesia. Damp places, along ditches and streams, against walls, low elevation. Photos

Lobelia L.

Edited by Pieter B. Pelser, 11 November 2016

  1. Lobelia eryliae C.E.C.Fisch., Bull. Misc. Inform. Kew (1928) 141; --Type: Smith 0012 (holo K), Indonesia. Photos
  2. Lobelia heyneana Roemer & Schultes, Syst. Veg. 5 (1819) 50, non Spreng., 1825; --Moeliono, Fl. Males. ser. 1, 6 (1960) 129, Fig. 16d. --Lobelia bialata (A DC) Merr., PJS 7 c (1912) Bot. 105; EPFP 3 (1923) 588. E Africa (Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya to Tanzania), SE Asia (Sri Lanka and the Deccan Peninsula to S China, N to C Sumatra, Java, Lesser Sunda Isls (Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Timor), Philippines, W New Guinea. LUZON: Mountain Province. Open wet places, c. 1350m.
  3. Lobelia luzoniensis (A DC) Merr., EPFP 3 (1923) 588. --Lobelia alsinoides non Lam.; --Moeliono, Fl. Males. ser. 1, 6 (1960)126, Fig. 16c. India (Deccan), Sri Lanka, S China (Guangdong), Hainan,Taiwan, Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, W Java, Philippines, Sulawesi (SW & SE peninsula), S New Guinea. LUZON: Laguna, MINDANAO: Davao. Open damp places at low elevation.
  4. Lobelia nummularia Lam., Encycl. 3 (1792) 589; --Pratia nummularia (Lam.) Kurz, J. As. Soc. Beng. 462 (1877) 210; --Merr., EPFP 3 (1923) 589.--Lobelia angulata non Forst.; --Moeliono, Fl. Males. ser. 1, 6(1960) 133, Fig. 19-20. Nepal, Sikkim, Khasia, Myanmar, Thailand, Indochina, S China (Yunnan, Guangxi), Hainan, Taiwan, throughout Malesia (Borneo and the Moluccasexcepted), Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand and adjacent islands, to S America. LUZON: Ifugao, Mountain Province, Benguet, Nueva Vizcaya,Pampanga, NEGROS, MINDANAO: Bukidnon. Moist open or shaded places, in montane forests, along stream banks and forest trails, 1000-1800m. Photos
  5. Lobelia philippinensis Skottsb., Acta Horti Gothob. iv. (1928) 13; --Type: Vanoverbergh 38 (lecto S; isolecto B, FI, GB, L, MO), Philippines, Luzon, Bontoc, 14 Feb. 1914. --Lobelia nicotianaefolia Heyne in Roth, Nov. Sp. Pl. (1821) 143 sensu Merr., EPFP 3 (1923) 588 and Moeliono, Fl. Males. ser. 1, 6 (1960) 123, Fig. 8-9. Endemic to the Philippines. BILIRAN, LUZON: Ilocos Norte to Aurora and Zambales, NEGROS. Open spots on ridges in the mossy forest, often on grassy mountain slopes and hillsides, altitude 500-2300m. Photos.
  6. Lobelia proctorii Argent & P Wilkie, Pl. Ecol. 192(2) (2007) 158-159, Figs. 1-2. --Type: Argent & Reynoso 8998 (PNH, holo; iso: E, K, L), Sibuyan: Mt Giting-giting, Camp 3 above Magdiwang, on ridge leading to Mayo’s Peak, altitude c. 1400m, 24 Aug 1989. Endemic to the Philippines. SIBUYAN. Open grassland and elfin forest on
    ultramafic soils atop a ridge crest. Flowering: May through August (Lammers 2011).
  7. Lobelia zeylanica L., Sp. Pl. 2 (1753) 932; --Moeliono, Fl. Males. ser. 1, 6 (1960) 128. --Pratia ovata Elmer, LPB 2 (1909) 593; --Merr., EPFP 3 (1923) 589. Sri Lanka, India (Deccan) through the Himalaya to S & SE China (Guangdong, Guangxi, Zhejiang), Hainan, Taiwan. Almost throughout Malesia but not yet found in the Lesser Sunda Isls and the Moluccas. Also in Fiji Isls. LUZON: Cagayan, Laguna, Sorsogon, PANAY, SAMAR, MINDANAO. Open spots in primary forests, along streams and shady grassy grounds under everwet climatic conditions. Usually at medium altitudes, ascending to 1000m. Fl. & fr. throughout the year. Photos

Peracarpa Hook.f. & Thomson

No Photos
  1. Peracarpa carnosa Hook.f. & Thomson, J. Proc. Linn. Soc., Bot. 2 (1857) 26; --Moeliono, Fl. Males. ser. 1, 6 (1960) 110. --Peracarpa luzonica Rolfe, Kew Bull. (1906) 201; --Merr., EPFP 3 (1923) 586. N India (Himalaya), Thailand, S China (Yunnan, Guizhou), Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, E New Guinea. LUZON: Benguet (Mt Osdung; Mt Pulag), PANAY. Montane (oak) forests, altitude 2200-2400m.

Pratia Gaudich. = Lobelia

Wahlenbergia Schrad. ex Roth

  1. Wahlenbergia marginata (Thunb.) DC, Mon. Camp. (1830) 143; --Moeliono, Fl. Males. ser. 1, 6 (1960) 115, Fig. 3-5. --Wahlenbergia bivalvis Merr., PJS 1 (1906) Suppl. 242; EPFP 3 (1923) 587. Widely distributed from China and Japan through tropical SE, continental Asia and Malesia to New Caledonia, Tonga, Australia, the Kermadecs, and New Zealand. In Malesia: Java, Lesser Sunda Isls (Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores, Alor, Timor), Philippines, SW Sulawesi (Mt Bonthain), S Moluccas (Aru Isls), New Guinea. LUZON: Mountain Province, Benguet. Montane grasslands, 1500-2700m. Photos


Lammers, TG. 2011. Revision of the Malesian species of Lobelia section Rhynchopetalum (Campanulaceae: Lobelioideae). Blumea 56: 218–224

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