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Nymphaea L.

Edited by Pieter B. Pelser, 12 August 2012

  1. Nymphaea nouchali Burm.f., Fl. Ind. (1768) 120; --Merr., PJS 19 (1921) 350; EPFP 2 (1923) 140. --Nymphaea stellata Willd., Sp. Pl. 2 (1799) 1153; --Castalia stellata (Willd.) Blume, Bijdr. (1825) 49. Tropical Asia to Malaya. In the Philippines: N LUZON to MINDANAO. In shallow lakes, locally very abundant.   
  2. Nymphaea pubescens Willd., Sp. Pl. 2 (1799) 1154. LaFrankie (pers. comm.) points out that Merrill and others used the name Nymphaea stellata Willd. for this species. Tropical Asia, Africa and Malaya. In the Philippines: LUZON (Laguna de Bay). In shallow water along lake margin. Much less common than the preceding species.


Backer, CA & RC Bakhuizen van den Brink. 1963. Flora of Java 1: 147-149.

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