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Galearia Zoll. & Moritzi

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  1. Galearia fulva (Tul.) Miq., Fl. Ind. Bat. 1 (1859) 430; --Whitmore, Tree Fl. Malaya 2 (1973) 98. --Galearia philippinensis Merr., PJS 9 c (1914) Bot. 288; EPFP 2 (1923) 450; --Type: BS 16319 Reillo (K, L, US, iso), Basilan: growing near the seashore, pistillate, Sep-1912. S Myanmar, Thailand, Sumatra, Peninsular Malaysia, Borneo, SW Philippines. BASILAN, MINDANAO: Zamboanga del Sur (Port Banga), Zamboanga (San Ramon), Lanao del Sur (Camp Keithley). Lowland primary forests.

Microdesmis Hook.f.

Edited by Pieter B. Pelser, 12 November 2016

  1. Microdesmis caseariifolia Planch. in Hook., Icon. Pl. 8 (1848) t. 758; --Merr., EPFP 2 (1923) 451; --Whitmore, Tree Fl. Malaya 2 (1973) 118. --Microdesmis philippinensis Elmer, LPB 4 (1911) 1300; --Syntypes: Elmer 12620 (K, NY, US), Palawan: Palawan prov., Brookes Point, Addison Peak, “in fertile humus-covered soil of woods at 30ft altitude, Feb-1911; Elmer 13151 (K, NY), Palawan: Palawan prov., Puerto Princesa, Mt Pulgar (=Thumb Peak), “in moist humus-covered stony soil of densely wooded flats at 250ft near the river”, May-1911. S China, Hainan, Myanmar, Indochina, Thailand, Sumatra, Peninsular Malaysia, Borneo, SW Philippines. PALAWAN, BANCALAN, BALABAC. Low and medium elevation thickets, second-growth forests and other disturbed habitats.
  2. Microdesmis magallanensis (Elmer) Steen., Acta Bot. Neerl. 4 (1955) 478; --Worcesterianthus magallanensis (Elmer) Merr., PJS 10 c (1915) Bot. 270; EPFP 2 (1923) 117; --Flacourtia magallanensis Elmer, LPB 4 (1912) 1519; --Syntypes [all from Sibuyan: Magallanes (=Magdiwang), Mt Giting-giting]: --Elmer 12079 (K), Mar-1910; --Elmer 12142 (K), Apr-1910; --Elmer 12323 (K), Apr-1910; --Elmer 12476 (BISH, K, L, NY, US), “in moist fertile soil of a desnsely forested flat at 750ft”, May-1910. --Worcesterianthus casearioides Merr., PJS 9 c (1914) Bot. 288; --Type: BS 14943 Ramos, Luzon: Laguna prov., between San Antonio and Paete, staminate, Jun-1912. Endemic to the Philippines. LUZON: Cagayan, Isabela, Quezon, Laguna, SIBUYAN. Low and medium elevation forests. Photos


McLarnon E & The Malpighiales Team at Kew (Gill Challen, Sue Zmarzty). Interactive key to the genera of Euphorbiaceae s.l., Salicaceae and Achariaceae

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