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Edited by Pieter B. Pelser, 8 September 2013

Trigonopleura Hook.f.

  1. Trigonopleura dubia (Elmer) Merr., PJS 11 c (1916) 77; EPFP 2 (1923) 453; --Welzen et al., Blumea 40 (1995) 369; --Alsodeia dubia Elmer, LPB 8 (1915) 2875; --Type: Elmer 13956 (PNH, holo, lost; L, NSW, iso), Mindanao, Agusan prov., Cabadbaran (Mt Urdaneta). --Trigonopleura philippinensis Merr., PJS Bot. 10 (1915) 275; --Type: BS 17475 Ramos (PNH, holo, lost; K, L, iso), Samar. --Trigonopleura malayana auct. non Hook.f.; --Airy Shaw, Alphab. Enum. Euph. Philip. (1983) 46. SAMAR, LEYTE, NE MINDANAO. Primary dipterocarp forest to logged-over forests, on shady to open places like streams and forest margins, 200-1250m. Flowering Mar, Apr (Sep); fruiting Mar-Jul. Photos


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