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Tasmannia R.Br.

  1. Tasmannia piperita (Hook.f.) Miers.; --Drimys piperita Hook.f., Icon. Pl. 9 (1852) t. 896., --Merr., EPFP 2 (1923) 154. Lesser Sunda Isls (Flores), Borneo (Sarawak; Sabah; Brunei; Kalimantan), Philippines, Sulawesi, Flores, Moluccas, New Guinea,.Australia (Queensland, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria). LUZON: Abra, Mountain Province (Mt Data), Ifugao (Mt Polis, Kiangan, and Banawe), Benguet (Mt Pulog and Pauai), Bataan (upper Lamao River and Mt Mariveles), Rizal (Balacbac, Angilog), Laguna, Camarines Sur (Mt Isarog), MINDORO: Mindoro Oriental (Mt Halcon), PALAWAN: (Mt Mantalingahan), PANAY: Antique (Mt Madia-as), NEGROS: Negros Occidental (Mt Malbug), Negros Oriental (Cuernos Mtns), BILIRAN (Mt Suiro), MINDANAO: Misamis Occidental (Mt Malindang), Bukidnon (Mt Kitanglad, Mt Candoon and Malaybalay), Agusan del Norte (Mt Hilong-hilong), Davao del Sur (Mt Batangan; Mt McKinley; Mt Apo.). Mostly in montane forests, 840 to 2700m. Thirty nine local ‘entities’ recognized by Vink (mostly in New Guinea, 3 in Australia). Philippine forms not similarly characterized. Photos


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