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This illustrated checklist is a continuation of the works of Elmer D. Merrill (1876-1956) and Leonardo L. Co (1953-2010), authorities on the Philippine vascular Flora. photo Leonard Co

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CDFP-derived statistics for Philippine vascular plants (v. 28 October 2019)

    Angiosperms Gymnosperms Pteridophytes Total
No. of families 233 6 40 279
No. of genera 1755 13 166 1934
Total no. of  species 9029 44 1077 10150

No. of native species 8449 41 1071 9561

No. of naturalized species 580 3 6 589
No. of endemic species 4430 14 263
% of endemic species (of total native species)
52.4 34.1 24.6  49.2

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For a synopsis of this website, see Barcelona et al. 2013. Philippine Journal of Science 142: 57-67

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