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including Alangiaceae

Alangium Lam.

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  1. Alangium chinense (Lour.) Rehder, in Sargent, Pl. Wils. 2 (1916) 552; --Merr., EPFP 3 (1923) 240; --Bloem., Blumea 1 (1935) 255; --Stylidium chinense Lour., Fl. Cochinch. (1790) 221. Tropical Africa, India, Tibet, Indochina, Thailand, S China, Taiwan, Japan, Java, Lesser Sunda Isls, Philippines. LUZON: Ilocos Norte, Rizal, Laguna, Batangas, PALAWAN, NEGROS, MINDANAO. Mainly in primary lowland forests, usually near forest edges, sometimes occurring at high elevation. Photos
  2. Alangium frutescens Zoll. & Moritzi in Zoll., Syst. Verz. Ind. Archip. 1 (1854) 63; --Type: from Java.
  3. Alangium kurzii Craib, Kew Bull. (1911) 60; --Bloem., Blumea 1 (1935) 262; --Type: from Thailand. --Alangium chinense ssp. tomentosum (Blume) Merr. var. vulgare (Wangerin) Merr., EPFP 3 (1923) 240. --Alangium chinense var. tomentosum (Blume) Merr., PJS 21 (1922) 505; --Diacicarpium tomentosum Blume, Bijdr. Fl. Ned. Ind. (1826) 657. China, S Myanmar, Thailand, Indochina, Sumatra, Peninsular Malaysia, Java, Borneo (Sabah), Philippines. MINDANAO: Lanao del Sur. Forests, c. 650m.
  4. Alangium longiflorum Merr., PJS 7 c (1912) Bot. 319; EPFP 3 (1923) 240; --Bloem., Blumea 1 (1935) 253; Bull. Jard. Bot. Buitenz. 16 (1939) 159; --Type: FB 14773 Darling (PNH, holo, lost; L, lecto; BO, K, isolecto), Luzon: Cagayan prov., Malueg, on slopes along streams, c. 60m, 16-Apr-1909. Borneo (Sabah: Mt Kinabalu; Sarawak: Kuching), Philippines. LUZON: Ilocos Norte (Bangui), Apayao (Mt Duraragan), Cagayan (Malueg; Casambalangan), Quezon (Mauban; Sampolan), Laguna (Mt Makiling; San Antonio, Mabitac), Batangas, Camarines Sur (Minalabat; Mt Isarog; Caramoan), Sorsogon (Mt Bulusan), MINDORO: Mindoro Oriental (Pinamalayan), PALAWAN (Thumb Peak), NEGROS: Negros Oriental (Cuernos Mtns), LEYTE, SAMAR (Catubig River), TAWI-TAWI, MINDANAO: Lanao del Sur (Camp Keithley), South Cotabato (Nutol; Buayan), Agusan del Norte (Jabonga: Kitsarao), Surigao del Norte (Placer), Davao Oriental (Mati). Forests at low and medium elevation, sometimes along streams. Conservation status: Other Threatened Species (DAO 2017-11). Photos
  5. Alangium meyeri Merr., Govt. Lab. Publ. (Philipp.) 35 (1906) 54; EPFP 3 (1923) 241; --Alangium javanicum var. meyeri (Merr.) Berhaman, Sandakania 4 (1994) 34; Tree Fl. Sabah & Sarawak 1 (1995) 10; --Type: FB 2284 Meyer (PNH, holo, lost; BO, lecto; B, K, NY, S, SING, US, isolecto), Luzon: Bataan, Lamao River, Mt Mariveles, Dec-1904 --Alangium tutela Ridl., J. Straits Branch Roy. Asiat. Soc. 61 (1912) 10; --Type: from Singapore. Thailand, Singapore, Sumatra, Peninsular Malaysia, Java, Borneo (Sarawak, Sabah), Philippines, Sulawesi, Moluccas. LUZON: Cagayan to Sorsogon, POLILLO, MINDORO, PANAY, MINDANAO. Lowland and medium elevation primary forests. Photos
  6. Alangium pilosum Merr., PJS 20 (1922) 417; EPFP 3 (1923) 241; --Alangium villosum (Blume) Wangerin ssp. pilosum (Merr.) Bloem., Bull. Jard. Bot. Buitenz. 16 (1939) 205; --Type: FB 3307 Ahern’s Collector (PNH, holo, lost; US, lecto; K, isolecto), Luzon: Rizal prov., Sep-1905. --Alangium pilosum Merr. var. subglabrum Merr., PJS 20 (1922) 418; EPFP 3 (1923) 241; --Type: FB 23399 Contreras (PNH, holo, lost; US, lecto; K, isolecto), Negros: ?Negros Occidental prov., rocky places on slopes, c. 300m, 14-Jul-1914. Lesser Sunda Islands, Philippines. LUZON: Ilocos Norte, Rizal, NEGROS. Medium elevation forests. Photos

Mastixia Blume [also placed in Nyssaceae]

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  1. Mastixia macrocarpa Matthew, Blumea 23 (1976) 75; Fl. Males. ser. 1, 8 (1977) 94; --Type: from Sarawak. Borneo (Sarawak), Philippines. LUZON: Rizal (Montalban; BS 12389 Loher, UC).
  2. Mastixia pentandra Blume, Bijdr. (1826) 654. Assam, Borneo, Cambodia, China, Java, Malaysia, Moluccas, Myanmar, Sulawesi, Sumatra, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines. Photos
  3. Mastixia tetrapetala Merr., PJS 13 c (1918) Bot. 42; EPFP 3 (1923) 242; --Matthew, Blumea 23  (1976) 76; Fl. Males. ser. 1, 8 (1977) 95; --Type: BS 28575 Ramos & Edaño (PNH, holo, lost; BO, K, NY, P, US, iso). --Mastixia crassifolia Merr., PJS 26 (1925) 486; EPFP 4 (1925) 250; --Type: BS 40377 Ramos & Edaño (PNH, holo, lost; A, BO, K, L, P, US, iso). --Mastixia pachyphylla Merr., PJS 13 c (1918) Bot. 325; EPFP 3 (1923) 241; --Type: BS 30399 Ramos (PNH, holo, lost; BO, NY, P, US, iso). Endemic to the Philippines. LUZON: Benguet (Mt Tabayoc; Mt Pulog), Quezon (Mt Binuang; Mt Tulaog), CATANDUANES. Specimens doubtfully referred by Matthew to this species were from the following localities: MINDANAO: Misamis Occidental (Claveria, Summit of W Mtn); Lanao del Norte. Lowland to montane primary forests up to 2300m. Fl. Feb-Mar; fr. Sep-Feb.
  4. Mastixia trichotoma Blume, Bijdr. (1826) 655; --Matthew, Blumea 23 (1976) 68; Fl. Males. ser. 1, 8 (1977) 92.


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