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Helicia Lour.

Last edited by Pieter B. Pelser, 31 May 2018

  1. Helicia graciliflora Merr., PJS 3 c (1908) Bot. 132; EPFP 2 (1923) 99. Endemic to the Philippines. MINDANAO: Lanao del Sur (Camp Keithley), 700m.
  2. Helicia loranthoides C.Presl, Epim. (1851) 247; --Merr., EPFP 2 (1923) 100; --Sleumer, Fl. Males. ser. 1 (1955) 169. Endemic to the Philippines. LUZON: Cagayan (Mt Cagua; Mt Tabuan), Nueva Vizcaya, Bataan (Lamao River & Mt Mariveles), Rizal (Montalban), Laguna (Dahican River), Quezon (Mt Banahaw), Albay, Sorsogon (Mt Bulusan), CATANDUANES, PALAWAN: Mt Balagbag; LEYTE: Cabalian; MINDANAO: Bukidnon (Mt Candoon; Mt Dumalupihan), Davao (Mt Apo). Photos
  3. Helicia paucinervia Merr., PJS 17 (1920) 247; EPFP 2 (1923) 100; --Type: BS 34610 Ramos & Pascasio (US, iso), Mindanao: Surigao del Norte prov., on river banks at the iron deposit, c. 300m, 25-Apr-1919. Endemic to the Philippines. LUZON: Aurora, MINDANAO: Surigao del Norte, DINAGAT. Along river banks on iron deposits, 300m. Photos
  4. Helicia rigidiflora Sleumer, Blumea 8 (1955) 24; Fl. Males. ser. 1 (1955) 170. --Helicia loranthoides auct. non C.Presl; --Merr., EPFP 2 (1923) 99, pro parte. Endemic to the Philippines. MINDORO: Mindoro Occidental (Paluan), MINDANAO: Misamis Occidental (Mt Malindang), Bukidnon (Mt Candoon). Forests, probably in the higher regions. Fl. May-Jul; fr. Apr.
  5. Helicia robusta (Roxb.) R.Br. ex Wall. Cat. (1831) sub no. 2702; --Sleumer, Fl. Males. ser. 1 (1955) 184; --Roupala robusta Roxb., Fl. Ind. 1 (1820) 366. Photos

Heliciopsis Sleumer

No Photos
  1. Heliciopsis artocarpoides (Elmer) Sleumer, Blumea 8 (1955) 83; --Helicia artocarpoides Elmer, LPB 5 (1913) 1826; --Merr., EPFP 2 (1923) 99. Borneo (Sabah; Sarawak), Philippines. PALAWAN (Mt Pulgar), MINDANAO (Zamboanga, Malangas). In rainforest, up to 900m, on well-drained slopes, ridges and steep river banks, apparently scattered. Fl. Feb, Apr-Oct; fr. Oct.

Non-naturalized cultivated species:

  1. Grevillea banksii R.Br., Trans. Linn. Soc. 10 (1810) 176; --Sleumer, Fl. Males. ser. 1 (1955) 155. Native of Australia.
  2. Grevillea robusta Cunn. ex R.Br., Prot. Nov. (1830) 24; --Sleumer, Fl. Males. ser. 1 (1955) 155. Native of E Australia (Queensland and New South Wales). Occasionally cultivated in the Philippines as an ornamental or shade tree. Photos


Sleumer, H. 1955. Proteaceae. Flora Malesiana series 1, 5: 147-206

Pelser, P.B., J.F. Barcelona & D.L. Nickrent (eds.). 2011 onwards. Co's Digital Flora of the Philippines.

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