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Stylidium Sw. ex Willd.

Edited by Pieter B. Pelser & James V. LaFrankie, 27 June 2013

  1. Stylidium alsinoides R.Br., Prodr. (1810) 572; --Merr., Fl. Manila (1912) 464; EPFP 3 (1923) 591; --Slooten, Fl. Males. ser. 1, 4 (1954) 531. N Australia and Queensland, S New Guinea, SW & SE Sulawesi, Philippines. LUZON (Nueva Vizcaya, Zambales, Rizal, Cavite). Open grasslands, sometimes a weed in rice paddies, 0-1800m. Merrill (1923) cites 6 collections from the Philippines, but according to van Slooten, none was seen by him for the Flora Malesiana revision.
  2. Stylidium javanicum Slooten, Bull. Jard. Bot. Buitenzorg ser. III, xiv (1937) 173. Java, Lesser Sunda Islands, Philippines. PANAY: Antique, Iloilo. Photos


Journé, V, JF Barcelona, JV LaFrankie & PB Pelser. 2014. Stylidium javanicum (Stylidiaceae), a new triggerplant record for the Philippines. Phytotaxa 186: 113-116.

Slooten, DF van. 1954. Stylidiaceae. Flora Malesiana series 1, 4: 529-532

Pelser, P.B., J.F. Barcelona & D.L. Nickrent (eds.). 2011 onwards. Co's Digital Flora of the Philippines.

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